Our History

My dad was a barber for 43 years. He always wanted to be a cook and own his own restaurant. He especially loved to barbeque. My mom is also a wonderful cook and she is always busy sharing her talent and love with others. I guess this is where I got the BBQ/cooking bug.

In 1998 my brother called me and asked if I would be interested in helping him in the San Antonio BBQ Cook-off. At that time I did not have a documented recipe. My sister worked alongside my dad at the barber shop and for years one of my dad's long time customers would come in and inform everyone that his BBQ was the best. My dad, being my dad and a long time BBQer, would always ignore him. My sister, on the other hand, wrote down the recipe and started using it on Briskets whenever family would get together.

When my brother called me to assist him with the cook-off, he asked if I would call our sister and get the recipe, make it, and bring it out to the cook-off. I called my sister on the phone and got the recipe — at least I thought I did. Unknowingly, I wrote the recipe down all wrong and Kanak Attack was born. We placed 3rd in chicken and top ten in Brisket out of 100 contestants.

Once the cook-off was over, I started receiving requests from friends and family to buy the seasoning from me. For 3 years I made the seasoning in my house, but it got to the point I was making seasoning every night and shipping it out across the States. At that point I started a co-packing relationship with a local bottling company and started mass producing it.

Kanak Attack — Est. by accident in 1998

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